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SageCity is an opensource blockchain platform which provides sidechain framework for visionaries to utilise blockchain technology in a process specific manner without the challenges of setting up and maintaining their own blockchain. This allows for specialised modifications to make tasks such as low cost microtransactions and file storage and security more efficient and easy to build and use. Sagecity’s decentralised properties mean our sidechains are guaranteed to execute 24/7/365.

The Sagecity wallet is your gateway onto the platform. From here you can send SageCoins (SAGE), the native currency to the Sagecity platform and other tokens created by the community and visionaries. You can also manage and create sidechains and take part in governance decisions.


The technology

Sagecity uses a wide range of technology and techniques to optimise our platform over competitors. Combining the technology with a high quality user experience for all levels of skill means that the Sagecity blockchain is your best option for you to achieve your goals.

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Blockchain technology is at the core of the SageCity platform. The blockchain enables the Sagacity platform to operate in a completely decentralised manner and its immutable qualities mean that anyone, anywhere can participate on the network.



Sidechains are extensions of the main blockchain which allow for more specialised processes and transactions. On the SageCity platform, we primarily use sidechains to battle congestion and design specialised solutions for businesses and projects to improve efficiency, reduce costs and secure information.


Congestion Engine

Blockchain congestion in the face of widespread adoption is becoming an increasingly sensitive and important issue. SageCity is in the process of developing a wide range of tools and techniques which can be applied to help combat congestion such as utilising sidechains and statistical congestion clearance.

Want to know more about how it works? Come and check out our whitepaper

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SageCity has developed a Reputational Meritocracy system which, like the meritocracy concept, rewards those who achieve and contribute the most. We recognise though that cryptocurrency networks can have a diverse range of users who carry out meritable acts which aren't easily quantifiable. We want to create a fair and open system which prevents merit monopolies which is where our reputational stake comes into play.

Reputation is achieved by assessing a combination of fundamentals and knowledge in line with the SageCity Values. When a user votes on a policy they believe in, they are putting their reputation up as a stake and if they are deemed onside, then their reputation and influence will increase.

Reputational Meritocracy is designed to be as situationally adverse as possible. Those who contribute to the Sagecity network will initially have a strong reputation but must maintain that reputation by sharing their opinions on network decisions. Alternatively, someone who doesn’t or can't contribute much to the SageCity network can still gain a strong reputation over time based on consistent and informed decision making.

Every 6 months the core voting criteria is assessed by the network and all users are airdropped voting tokens based on their reputation which they can use to increase their influence on a decision. When a user has reached their maximum reputation limit, they can begin selling airdropped tokens to others looking to reach their maximum voting potential.

To find out more about how our Reputational Meritocracy system works you can learn about our values and read the governance section of the technical whitepaper:

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