We solve real business

problems with blockchain

We listen to you to fully understand your business. And then, we build the best value solution for your specific problem. 

We're super diverse; but best of all we are...


We care about simplicity, efficiency, and functionality.


We have knowledge and experience in many industries and markets.


We have 25+ years' experience in blockchain tech and development.

You can build a proof of concept

We can design and build a minimum viable product with all the core features you need to:

Experiment and test your hypotheses.

Approach your target market and raise investment.

Set a foundation for your business that easily scales and grows with blockchain technology. 

You can build a full product

We always aim to provide you with scalable and adaptable technology where you:

Have complete control and opportunity to maximise your potential.

Break through limitations as your company grows.

Create long-term value for your company and stakeholders.


You can use our technology

Our flagship commercial product is Versa. It works brilliantly with online marketplaces and gig economy platforms so that you can:

Transact and settle money instantly and at zero cost.

Track transactions and referrals efficiently and automate the distribution of funds.

Gain new insights and analytics into the economy of your marketplace.

For many possible applications...

Our technology is incredibly versatile. And we're always keen to test its limitations.

Financial optimisation

With our technology you can exchange fiat and cryptocurrencies at near instant speed and no cost.

Blockchain technology has powerful means to help store and secure important data.

Data Regulation

Internet of things

Hardware, when coupled with our technology, can improve the way society operates on a day-to-day.

What are you building right now?

Reach out to us and learn how we can help you on your journey.

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