Every great project needs

a strong foundation.

This is ours.

Our Mission and Vision

We’re connecting innovative entrepreneurs with the tools and resources they need to make their business thrive.

We’re reinventing processes with the help of the blockchain and our sidechain technology to make businesses more efficient, save them money, and even create new revenue streams.

In the long-term, our vision is for SageCity to become a decentralised innovation hub for visionaries and innovative enterprises. (Watch this space...)


Our Values



To make decisions that stand strong into the future to ensure long-term success.



To be able to obtain truth, sustenance, and meaning independent of external forces.



To be part of a connected group of people, providing real connections and opportunities to work and change the world together.



To derive success from working hard on meaningful tasks and projects.


To preserve, protect, and improve our world with no cost to people or environment.



To work on activities which derive a sense of purpose and meaning.

Our Leadership

Tom Sichel

COO & Co-Founder

A specialist in managing and forming strategies for remote teams. He’s created most of our systems and operations.

Adam Greenberg

CEO & Co-Founder

A presence in blockchain and cryptocurrency industry since 2013. During this time, he’s observed and assisted in the development of these technologies as they emerged. SageCity is his answer to the adoption challenges blockchain technology faces globally.

Decio Emanuel


Our chief marketer. He’s responsible for clarifying our message and our branding.

Bacem Bergaoui,

Lead Developer

A senior backend developer for 13 years and has been in blockchain for 4 years. He’s built and lead many projects and blockchains in this time. His experience is crucial to SageCity’s high quality products and delivery.

Milos Zivadinovic,

Lead Innovator

An academic who has published many papers on the applications of blockchain. He’s responsible for product design and the research required to make SageCity the platform it is today.

Press Highlights

Alex Libertas writes about the blockchain scene in Edinburgh, with a focus on the startups at the Wayra's AI & Blockchain Accelerator in which our offices now reside.

Nick Freer publishes his thoughts on Facebook's then-newly released Libra white paper. SageCity gets a mention in this article as an "exciting startup to watch".

SageCity’s Internal Payments System (IPS) is a financial infrastructure tool for enterprise. It allows for immutable tracking and management of a user's assets and data but primarily focuses on financial balances.

Our first article on FinTech Scotland. It introduced SageCity to their community and set us off on a strong partnership.

The applications of our sidechain technology
are virtually limitless.

Reach out to us and learn exactly how we can help you.