Development Update - 03.06.2019

May has been an very busy month for SageCity and we've made great progress. We want to share many great updates about the business and development.


Website Reborn

We redesigned our website transitioned to, as our primary domain. All other sub-domains, such as our mining pool and explorer, will remain on the .io domain. Our previous will still function but will redirect to .tech going forward. Let us know what you think of the new website!

Increase in Pools

The number of pools contributing to the SageCity network increased five-fold. We now have a well distributed network. This makes the network more stable and reliable. A big thank you to all these miners out there!

New Console for Enterprise

We announced our Internal Payments System (IPS) console for enterprise. After more progress, we have the base foundations in place and will have some previews to share soon. We have companies interested in piloting the technology and some initial projections suggest that we can save some of these companies 85% in transaction fees which is very promising! Public release is still tentative but more updates will follow when available.

Fixing Windows Bugs

We’ve been working on some minor bug fixes for the Windows wallet as we got reports of some user difficulties. When this is released, you will not have to update unless affected by it. This is for Windows users only - macOS and Linux are working well.

Building a Guide

We're building a guide and infrastructure setup guide which will allow users to use MyEtherWallet to store and send SAGE. We recognise that standalone wallets aren’t always ideal for every user. So this should help make SAGE more accessible and manageable for the community. Keep an eye out for this update as we'll release it soon.

New Deal = Signed

We have successfully signed a deal to integrate SageCity’s sidechain technology in a digital content platform. It will provide tokenisation tools to creatives. They will be able to raise funds and share royalty incomes. We expect the development to take around 6 months to complete. We're excited about this deal and hope to share more details soon!

Startup Grind Europe Conference

We're exhibiting at the Startup Grind Europe Conference in London, on the 6th of June. We'll be spreading the word about SageCity and will meet enthusiasts, developers, and potential clients. If you're going to be there, we'd love to meet you! Stop by our stall to learn more and if you are lucky, get some SAGE merchandise before its all gone.

SageCity Ambassadors

We're looking to welcome some SageCity ambassadors into our team. If you are interested, please reach out to us for more details. A job post will be going live in the next week.

Thank you, and here's to a fantastic June!