Development Update - 08.07.2019

It's been a month of great progress for SageCity and we have lots to celebrate!

Wayra UK

SageCity has been accepted into the Wayra UK AI & Blockchain Accelerator! It's a programme created as part of Telefónica Open Future and it is supported by Scottish Enterprise and sponsored by Cisco.

This opens up real opportunities for SageCity to grow as a business, to expand our reach, and to take on pilot opportunities. We’ve already had the chance to meet some amazing people like Michael Nye and Nick Rankin of Quorate. There have been and there will be more awesome people that we'd love to introduce you to in the near future.

Safe to say, we're looking to maximise our potential and squeeze the most out of the programme!

New Team Members

A big welcome to Austin, who will be our first SageCity ambassador! You can often catch him on the Discord channel under the handle “SerenityTrades”. He's always happy to chat crypto and SageCity in general!

We’ve also recently welcomed on two more developers to assist with the rising workload from platform development and clients. This brings our total to 9 team members. This is a real testament to the growth and value SageCity is creating - especially when, 10 months ago, it was only Adam & Tom running the project!

Exchange Listing

We're also happy to announce that $SAGE has began trading on DigitalPrice! This means that $SAGE can be traded against BTC, ETH, and KMD. This opens up a lot of opportunities for $SAGE as a currency since now there is an established monetary value. We're very excited to be part of the DigitalPrice family and community! We're excited to share our future mutual success!

Internal Payment System (IPS) Preview

We have an update on the status on our first commercial sidechain tool: Internal Payment System (IPS). IPS tokenises fiat currencies and tracks financial balances within a platform or ecosystem. And it reduces the involvement of payment processors. This means that it saves enterprises money and takes care of the financial aspects of user accounts, automatically. With one of our pilot clients, we estimate that we will save them 85% in transaction fees.

Below is a small preview of the dashboard in which IPS admins can manage and integrate the platform into their business. We're just about to fulfil tests and integrations with a few pilot companies and should have some further news in the next month.

Admin dashboard of Internal Payment System for the client's website.
Admin dashboard of IPS for their website. They can keep track of users, their activities, and their balances from here, as well as manage the token hot wallet.

Basic underlying payment process for Internal Payment System on the designated platform.
Basic underlying payment process for IPS on the designated platform. Those using the IPS have the opportunity to hide the token element, unless they want to specify use of the token within the platform. In future integrations, users also won’t have to insert crypto addresses.

User view of their purchase records.
User view of their purchase records. In the future, all user sections will be white label and integrated into the user. account sections of the platforms using IPS.

User view of their crypto wallet.
User view of their crypto wallet. In the future, all user sections will be white label and integrated into the user account sections of the platforms using IPS.

Admin view of IPS activity. This is the “block explorer” for enterprises. While using the system they can see more specific information on their users. In the future, depending on the client, this element can be aggregated.

MyEtherWallet (MEW) Integration

SageCity can now be used on MEW with this guide here.

This allows for users to connect to $SAGE more conveniently, without the hassle of syncing and maintaining a desktop wallet. We’ve submitted a pull request, which is under review, to have SageCity added automatically to the directory of networks, skipping the need for manual setup.


We’ve been working on sharing our thoughts weekly and giving some insight into SageCity and the reason why we are like we are. All of the past episodes and coming episodes will be hosted on our YouTube channel. We always welcome suggestions for future topics to talk about!


8th July 2019

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