Development Update - 31.07.2019

It’s been another action packed month for SageCity and there is lots to share. Here's to another fruitful month ahead!

First Advisor Joins SageCity

We're very pleased to announce that our first advisor has joined SageCity: Carl Rodrigues!

With a focus on sales and strategy, Carl has spent over 20 years building and championing data-driven startups. He pioneered and grew the community at the Open Data Institute founded by Sir Tim Berners-Lee. He is a Startups Mentor, Crowdcube Partner and Founder of a global online scaleups network. He was instrumental in enabling the sale of streaming media provider Servecast to Level 3 Communications for $45m in July 2007, as head of their corporate business.

Carl’s passionate about connecting people and organisations, investing in startups and cryptocurrencies, and empowering others. We’re very much looking forward to working with Carl over the following months.

Follow him on Twitter: @carlrodrigues

Connect with him on LinkedIn: /carlrodrigues

Innovation Roadmap

Last week, we released our innovation roadmap. You can get it here!

In this report you will find all the technological innovations we are planning to release within the next year on the SageCity platform. We’re really excited about these developments; we’ll make sure to keep you updated on them. This will enable us to truly optimise the SageCity network and make it accessible to developers and the community.

SageCity in the News

This month we’ve been mentioned and featured in a number of publications, here are the highlights: The Daily Chain - Edinburgh’s Growing Blockchain Hub

An article written by Alex Libertas on the data-driven startup scene of Edinburgh. He describes how he spent his day discovering the incredible buildings of the University of Edinburgh - totally dedicated to innovation -, his meeting with Brock Pierce and Reza Bundy, and all of the pitches made by those in this year’s Wayra UK AI & Blockchain Accelerator cohort.

Altcoin Magazine - Project Rundown interview with SageCity

This is an interview with Adam that covers, at a high-level, our company core values and our infrastructure. We explain our technology, internal payments system (IPS), and our cryptocurrency. We also talk about our views on the ideal client, customer experience, and organisational management.

Scotsman - Nick Freer comment: Will Facebook’s Libra scale up to disrupt banks?

(Just a brief mention but an interesting article, nonetheless.)

Discord Bounty Live

If you invite friends into the SageCity community on Discord until the 1st of September, we’ll reward you with 100 $SAGE!

On the server, go to the top left and click “Invite People” for your own unique invite link. Get your friends to introduce themselves and at the end of the month, we will send your reward!

Q&A Podcast

We’re collecting questions from the community across Bitcointalk, Twitter, and Discord. With these, we’ll be recording a Q&A podcast in about a week’s time. If you have any questions that you want to hear us answer and discuss, then please drop them in any of the mentioned media and we will make sure to include it!

Crypto Services

We welcome the following services to the SageCity Ecosystem this month:

  • Coingecko, a price and information portal on the SageCity ecosystem.

  • Delta, a portfolio monitoring and update app - you have to use the search bar within the app.

  • A mining dashboard with additional information about the SageCity network.

We're working hard to continue getting $SAGE accepted with more services in the crypto ecosystem. If you have any you want to see us on, in particular, then feel free to email us or message us in the suggested channel in the SageCity Discord!


31st July 2019

PS.: As always, feel free to tweet or message me to start a conversation!

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