Looking For SageCity Ambassadors

Role Description

Our mission at SageCity is to make the world a more efficient and better place for everyone. And we're doing this through the use of blockchain technology and our sidechains. To do that we must build a strong community around SageCity. And we must work closely with developers and enterprises to ensure that they have what they need to build theirs and our future.

We want to have people within the SageCity team who share this vision. They must also have a passion for our approach and wish to contribute to the world with the same energy. That's why we're looking for two ambassadors to take on a unique and exclusive role within the ecosystem.

Duties, Requirements, and Benefits

Your duties would be to:

  • Be present in our social channels and share news and other posts that the community finds interesting;

  • Get to know our community and assist with any problems or help required;

  • Spread the word about SageCity where possible and encouraging others to learn more; and

  • Come up with ideas for promotions, competitions, and partnerships and run them to make sure they are a success.

We want someone who:

  • Understands what we are trying to achieve and wants to be part of that journey and success;

  • Understands the basics of our technology and its possible applications and benefits;

  • Is open to new ideas and ways of working together (while we have fun, it's worth knowing that we are very much goal oriented);

  • Is consistent and reliable;

  • Has interesting skills outside our requirements which could be useful to further benefit SageCity in some form.

Your benefits would include:

  • A starting income of 5000 SAGE a month (plus SAGE and cash bonuses for good performance);

  • The opportunity and resources to build your own vision and ideas for SageCity within the ecosyste;

  • Being part of the core SageCity team, participating in meetings and some of the exciting behind the scenes work and progress we are making;

  • The chance to travel and attend events all expenses included; and

  • The chance to rise up the ranks in an innovative project and achieve and earn more in the process.

How to Apply

If you're interested, send us an email to team@sagecity.io, by 25th June 2019!

For an idea of what to include in this email, you can talk about:

  • Yourself and your background;

  • Your experience;

  • Your interests;

  • Your vision, dreams, and aspirations;

  • What attracts you about SageCity;

  • Much much more...

Some "don'ts"...

  • Don't make it formal;

  • Don't make it generic;

  • Don't make it boring!

Super hint: Just be transparent and be yourself!